©2023 Ali Shapiro

Selected Works

Hard-Hearted Villanelle” and “Sonnet in Denial,” two poems in The Commuter
On being good at being bad, and being bad at French

Lightning Talk on I-90,” a multimedia essay in The Common
On speeding tickets, freefall, and other vicissitudes of grief-time travel

Lonely Animals,” an essay in Memoir Land
On post-break up jealousy, disconnection, and very large snakes

P as t s,” some erasures in Tupelo Quarterly
“Without you, I have no problem with time”

Superstition” and “The Beach,” more erasures in MQR Mixtape    
On pleasure, per the theme of the issue

My First Motorcycle,” a comic in The Offing
On impressing and horrifying men with a vintage classic

Greetings from the Grand Void,” a comic-zine in the Quarantine Public Library
On a trip to the supposedly-Grand Canyon

Would You Rather,” a zine-comic-collage-type-thing in Popula
On brain tumors and shitty choices

The Radiant Present,” an illustrated essay in Prism
On presence, and brain tumors again

Time Release,” a longish comic in Spiralbound
On the quantum physics of Adderall addiction

Nows,” a shortish comic in The Offing
On the quantum physics of other stuff

Ghost Alone” and “Ghost in the Tattoo Parlor,” some text-image hybrids in Muzzle
On ghosts, loneliness, and lonely Ghost

Ghost in the Musuem” and “I Hid the Pills,” more text-image hybrids in Gertrude
On  ghosts, addiction, and being both strangers

Pittsburgh,” a poem in Rattle
On the risks and rewards of visiting Pittsburgh, at least in theory

On Power,” a pantoum in Praire Schooner
On, well, power

Hook,” a sonnet in Painted Bride Quarterly
On the Peter Pan-Captain Hook-Crocodile love triangle

Dogs in Love,” a 300-word love story in Electric Literature
On dogs, familiarity, and opposites attracting

If I Leave You Then Maybe I Won’t Have to Miss You So Much” and five other poems in Pank
On romantic ambivalence, semiotic dirty talk, and the strangeness of the fleshlight

Neolithic Revolution,” a sonnet on Verse Daily
On animal passion and opposable thumbs

Should I Write a Sonnet?” an info-comic in Ploughshares
A helpful flow chart to help you decide

Poetic Analytics,” an info-comic in Ploughshares
The art of losing isn’t hard to master...with a line graph!

A review of Michael Dickman’s “The End of the West” in Make Magazine
Winner of an Electric Literature Critical Hit Award!

Permanent Ink? Tattoos and Regrets in the Age of Lasers,” an essay in the Ann Arbor Current
On tattoos, tattoo removal, and the illusory allure of ‘forever’

“Prima Formas,” a crossword puzzle in The New York Times (kinda)
My dad and I made a crossword! Do it on the iOS app--it's the free sample puzzle in the "All New Mondays 7" pack--or click here for a .pdf

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